Lovely - Colorful Foliage Gardening

In the garden, foliage plants create beauty and pleasant surroundings in human life. For creating the foliage garden selection of plants color combination and texture are necessary. Using various shades of foliage plant and interweaving delicate, airy foliage with coarser leaves creates an impressive tapestry. Essential green foliage Foliage has an essential and complex function in the plant world. It converts sunlight to life-sustaining sugars. In garden design, leaves assume equally important roles. These prolong a border’s attractions through the season, giving it depth, flow, and personality. Whereas flash-in-the-pan flowers display vibrant colors timed to guide inbound pollinators, leaves put on a longer-running show. Leaves build architecture. Used as hedging, ground — Rahul Baghele SVGI College of Agriculture Jalgaon (Jamod) MS cover, background, or striking specimen, foliage defines garden contours and skylines. In fact, a planting limited to green palettes fascinates as much as a floor show of flamboyant blooms. Of all colors, green is viewed and perceived most easily. In an all-green garden, a single plant with bold, dramatic foliage assumes the spotlight where flowers would usually stand. It has equal impact. Unique Colors As if green’s foliar offerings weren’t riches enough, leaf hues span the entire spectrum. Foliage artists can dabble in shades from the smoky black of mondo grass (Ophiopogon ‘Nigrescens’) and snake root (Cimicifuga racemosa) to the ghostly silver-white of Artemisia lactiflora and Eryngium. Purple, red, blue, silver, and golden foliage all supply pigments for composing vibrant garden masterpieces. Color-


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